HOST - Performance Collaboration

advertised as 'an innovative new media and performance-based collaboration between Gravity Feed and Horst Kiechle' was presented 15 times during January 1999 at the Newtown Theatre, Sydney, Australia.

Gravity Feed
is a Sydney based all-male performance ensemble (formed in 1992) whose work moves between the genres of dance, physical theatre and performance art - site-specific, architectural, dense and atmospheric.

Gravity Feed's original performances are pervaded by sound-scapes, original compositions by in-house sound artist
Rik Rue.

The collaborative process between Gravity Feed and myself as the 'new media component', spanned almost 2 years. Throughout this time the original concept by Alan Schacher and myself - of a movable set on an architectural scale that, at some stage would envelope the audience, itself movable - changed little although potential realisations explored many possible roads depending on potential performance venues.
The top four links on the right document a range of preliminary investigations whereas 'Architectural Fragments' presents the various components of the final designs through photographs taken during the performances.

Earliest Concepts


Planning of the Choreography in VRML

Wireframe, Membranes and Skin

Architectural Fragments
Photographs of set elements during the performance.

For this project I/Gravity Feed would like to acknowledge the generous support of:

Visy Displays, Sydney, a division of Visy Industries
Sydney Vislab
3M Hot Melt Adhesives
Commonwealth Government, Australia Council , New Media Fund
New South Wales Government, Ministry for the Arts

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