During my 2 month stay at the
Visualization and Media Systems Design Institute (VMSD) of the German National Center for Information Technology (GMD) [now: Fraunhofer Institut]
I had the opportunity to experience latest Virtual Environment Technology - both as scientific visualisation and commissioned work. Based on the locally developed software AVOCADO which drives the Virtual Reality applications for monitors, 2 sided workbenches and the CAVE, including surround sound and sound floor, the virtual environments are very impressive with respect to image quality, level of modelling and smoothness of interactive response.

Considering the limited time that I had available I decided to produce a slightly unusual piece of software, the
for which Bernd Froehlich provided the integration into AVOCADO and thus its smooth performance on the 2 sided workbench.


Images on left:
Screen capture of a box shaped room with two doors.

(above) interactive deformation - the colour dots indicating the direction of potential growth activated through simple clicking of the stylus.

(below) view inside through the doors - the geometry of the rectangular room taking on a life of its own.

Rationale behind the SEMI-AUTOMATIC- SPACE-DOODLE .
Potential benefits to the Architecture/Design.Community in the Virtual Age.

Benefits to the Virtual Design Community .