VRML 2 Summary

This summary with 20+ VRML2 examples has been compiled during a guest research position at the
Space and Virtuality Studio
of the Interactive Institute, Sweden


VRML2 animation

A recent article by Iain Borden "An affirmation of urban life: Skateboarding and socio-spacial censorship in the late twentieth century city" has inspired me to design an animated Virtual Reality Model of a young scateboarder doing a 'Nose Slide'. The file has been used to produce a computer-cut and folded cardboard version of the shirt and trousers as part of the Folded Bodies Project.

Simple VRML2 animations

These files were produced during my CSIRO - Australia Council for the Arts - Residency investigating the capabilities of VRML for potential applications in Virtual Environments. The subject matter is a bit suspect but some elements have been inspired by performances from Gravity Feed.

The stick figure will slowly get up from its position on knees and hands. Uses coordinate interpolation: file size 4K .

Five stick figures drop to the floor and do push-ups at different speeds. Rotate the whole scene so you see the 5 stick-figures through the semi-transparent floor and it looks as if they were trying to break out of something. Uses coordinate interpolation and a random interpolation script: file size 16K .

As soon as the browser is activated a 'START' button appears which unfolds a large segment from a rectilinear block into a potential backdrop scenery. Uses position and orientation interpolation and an animated viewpoint: file size 17K .

A stick figure topples a rectilinear block shape and unfolds it on the floor. Uses position, orientation and coordinate interpolation, sound effects and an animated viewpoint: file size 17K , sound files 9K and 30K.

A rectilinear block shape has a sculpturally shaped segment pushed out by a figure. The camera zooms in and enters through the resulting opening. Inside the irregular geometry the movement is towards a rostra. After a while the stick figure appears, topples a side wall and pushes it away. The browser controls appear for the viewers own exploration. Uses position, orientation and coordinate interpolation, sound effects and an animated viewpoint: file size 25K , sound files 9K and 30K.

Project Visualisations

. .NORTHWESTWIND - MILD TURBULENCE, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney - 2000

. .Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney - 1998

. . Darren Knight Gallery Project, Melbourne - 1996

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