Darren Knight Gallery Project, Melbourne 1996

VRML - Files

These VRML-files represent the gallery with the sculptural environment in a simplified geometric version. Lighting in VRML does, at this stage, not allow for shadows - the basic design, however, can be understood by navigating through the space. A number of screen shots are provided for those who do not have access to a VRML-browser.

View the DKW Gallery as a VRML 1.0 (76K) or a VRML 2.0 (98K) environment.

In this 'animated' VRML 2.0 file the process of assembling the temporary installation from prefabricated segments has been visualised.

This VRML 2.0 model (95K) has collision detection. Each Collision with vertical elements triggers a sound file. If the 'walk-viewer' mode is selected, going up the stairs produces a beautiful bouncing effect. Little number tags floating in the gallery space trigger off animations which move the respective segment into place. Clicking on a segment also triggers the animation. Moving around the space while the animated segments are in motion is possible even on a basic SGi Indy.