Entrance area with large scale printouts.

IASPIS Studio Project
@ Art and Communication, Malmö University, Sweden

The Art and Communication building of the Malmö University opened in September 1998. As a first step I computer simulated parts of the building and then investigated a number architectural insertions - presented as large scale print-outs.

Architectural Insertions


Utilising the StrataSys 3D Printer available at the school a number of architectural details and metaball objects were printed out.

3D Prints


And the final invation impregnating the space near the coffee shop and the toilets.

The video

I would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following institutions/companies:

IASPIS International Aritsts Studio Program in Sweden
Side Effects Software Houdini® - 3D graphics, animation and special effects software.
Sydney VisLab Professional video output.
School of Arts and Communication @ Malmö University, Sweden.

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